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Enjoy exciting and entertaining axe throwing competitions and demonstrations, at Scottish Highland games, Celtic festivals, and Renaissance fairs throughout the southeast, by our tomahawk instructors and experts in Jacksonville, Florida. We, at Flying Hawkes Axe Throwing, sell superior-quality tomahawks and accessories, as well as provide fun entertainment for the whole family.

Tomahawks for Sale
Enjoy hours of outdoor fun with tomahawks and accessories from Flying Hawkes Axe Throwing. All tomahawks are protected by a UV weather protection coating and come with safety covers, handcrafted by Sylvia, for maximum safety when you are carrying your tomahawks.

D4 Tomahawk: 1 ½ lbs.
Handle Length: 18” • Head 5 ¾” with 3" Blade
Tomahawk Price with Safety Cover: $38
Spare Hickory Handle: $6 + S&H

Mouse Tomahawk: 1 lb.
Handle Length: 14” • Head: 4 ¾” with 2 ¾” Blade
Tomahawk Price with Safety Cover: $30
Spare Hickory Handle: $6 + S&H

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About Us
Flying Hawkes Axe Throwing was established in 2002. Every year we do more shows and app for pc pocket option always have a large crowd learning and practicing the art of axe throwing. Anyone, five-years-old old and over, is welcome to throw at our competitions. In our shows, we also teach the history of the American Tomahawk and sell professional throwing tomahawks.

Book Us at Your Event
If you would like to include our demonstration and competition at your next show or event, please contact us at Please use "SHOW" in the subject line. We still have a few open dates.

Call (904) 282-4501 today to order your tomahawks and accessories.




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Ernest and Sylvia Williams

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