Dear Mr. and Mrs. Williams,
I am writing to thank you for coming to the Meadow Highland Games in Richmond Virginia today. My son, Aidan, took third prize in the children's throwing contest - and he had never thrown an axe before. What made this particularly special is that today was the first time he's been well enough to have fun outside of our home in about four months. He has been battling a serious illness this year that made him unable to attend school, play soccer and play outside with his friends. Luckily it turned out to be non life-threatening . . . but it definitely took its toll on his spirits. Today he was able to forget all of that, thanks to your competition. What a fun thing for children to try at the games! I almost cried to see the joy and pride on his face! So thanks again! He's already planning to practice for next year.

I wanted to send you a quick email and let you know how much my family and I enjoyed your axe throwing demonstrations and competition last weekend.  It was obvious from the large turnout that many others felt the same way we did!  You folks put together a well run and organized setup, enabling participants to practice and ultimately compete if they chose to do so. We enjoyed the costumes and attitudes of those working your event, and my entire family agreed that the Flying Hawkes Axe Throwing event/booth was the best part of the whole NE Florida Scottish Games (though the turkey legs were good too!). 
Both my children and my neighbor’s daughter were in the competition, but weren’t fortunate to land an axe.  I’m excited to say that I was able to land my axe twice and win the men’s competition . . . what a highlight to a great event!
Joseph - Click to Enlarge
Again, wonderful effort this weekend….keep up the great work and spreading the fun of axe throwing!